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The Dispatch 1 provides an unprecedented level of integration of all 3rd party electrical accessories on a motorcycle by cleaning up the motorcycle cockpit by consolidating virtually all electrical controls into one sleek control center. Reliability is dramatically improved by the elimination of a large number of wires, switches, fuses, and relays. Since the controller can be easily removed when not required, risk of theft and vandalism is dramatically reduced.  If you own more than one motorcycle, this is an extremely cost effective solution as you do not need to duplicate many of the devices that would normally be required on both bikes.  If you own a Schuberth helmet with Bluetooth, you now have a solution to charging without the need to find an AC outlet.  An excellent solution for can-bus bikes like BMW's. Replaces 4 heated garment controllers, 3 USB adapters, an RJ11 adapter, 2 light switches, 3 relays, 6 switches, 6 fuses, a volt meter, a temperature gauge, a clock, and a whole lot of wire. Can be used equally well to regulate heated clothing, grips, seat pads...virtually anything.  Unlike hardware-based solutions, this product allows you to configure the system exactly to your preference via easy to use setup screens.

Dave Hembroff of the AMA recently used the Dispatch 1 on his epic Iron Butt ride with the following comments:

"By the way, my D-1 was the big hit during the Iron Butt Rally. It worked flawlessly for me in 48 states, over 17 days & nearly 20,000 miles. I wish I had it on my adventure bike. Already the FZ-1 and my heated gear controller have blown up. Best farkle EVER."


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